3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

improving your memory

Contrary to popular opinion, improving your memory naturally can be as simple as implementing new habits into your lifestyle. It does get harder as we grow older to take control of these things, but starting to take your health and life into your hands can be the most beneficial and rewarding experience you can give yourself. Our minds naturally want to get stronger and better, but we need to give it time and attention! Interested in learning how? Here are three ways to help improve your memory, naturally!

1. Engage in brain-boosting activity.

Have you ever given your brain a “workout?” It’s actually much simpler than it sounds! Getting your brain stimulated is a great way to improve the muscles that are responsible for brain activity and memory retention. Just like physically working out, the more you exercise your brain, the better you’ll be able to retain and process information. Some ways you can do this are by learning and teaching yourself something new, challenging your mind, and adopting new skills that make your brain work extra hard in places you haven’t used it. This is also a very rewarding task, as you are expanding your intellectual horizons, and you are adding to your own personal list of knowledge!

2. Meditation

Among many other positive benefits, taking time to meditate is both relaxing and soothing, and has been found to reduce stress, pain, lower blood pressure, and improve your memory! Meditation and relaxation techniques have shown to improve short-term memory in people of all ages, from the early ’20s to the elderly. Try to fit meditation into your morning or nightly routine, and develop this incredibly healthy and fulfilling habit.

3. Manage stress.

This is a huge problem in today’s world, as we are diving into a technological and fast-paced society. Managing stress can include breathing techniques, starting a journal, managing sleep deprivation, eating more nutritious and plant-based foods, lowering blood pressure, and getting more sunlight. As stated in HelpGuide’s article, “stress is one of the brain’s worst enemies.” This especially becomes a problem if you are dealing with chronic stress, as it destroys brain cells, and damages the region of the brain that formulates new memories and retrieves old ones.

There is a lot more that goes into the wellbeing of our brains than we may typically think. Just by incorporating some new habits into your everyday life, improving your brains natural chemistry and operation isn’t far out of reach. Set realistic goals for yourself, and try implementing some new techniques over time.

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