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4 Tips for Working With People With Disabilities

Collaborating with people with disabilities is no different than working with anyone else in the workplace. A physical or mental disability just means that you must raise your awareness of someone else’s plight more than you might in other instances. Below are 4 helpful tips to ensure healthy working relationships. Be Reflective Show people with…
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National Senior Citizens Day: Show Your Appreciation

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day; a day devised to acknowledge and admire the seniors that fill out lives with joy. Our elders deserve a day where they know their efforts and achievements are valued and appreciated. Need some ideas on how to celebrate the special day with your special senior? Here are a…
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Happy National Parents’ Day – How Will You Celebrate?

Every year on the fourth Sunday of July, the nation honors the vital role parents serve in their families and communities by celebrating National Parents’ Day. Nobody is more deserving of appreciation than parents – the ones that give us life. Good parents help their children navigate life and balance letting their kids rise, and…
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Skin Protection for Seniors: Common Misconceptions & Tips

Summer is officially here! With warm weather and events returning, more people will be spending quality time outside in the coming months. With more time spent outdoors comes more exposure to harmful rays associated with sunlight – especially for senior citizens. There are many misconceptions about skin protection, which is why we’re here to help…
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Celebrate Memorial Day with Elderly Loved Ones

This long weekend is the unofficial start of the summer. As the holiday ushers in warm weather, barbecues, and patriotism – grandparents and elders, many of who have been veterans themselves, play a unique role in celebrating the occasion. If you’re looking for a nice way to celebrate Memorial Day with any senior citizen, consider…
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Health and Wellness Tips to Jumpstart Your Spring

It’s finally Spring, and the change of season comes with an opportunity to embrace change in your lifestyle and enhance your wellness. Have you forgotten about your New Year resolution? Well, now is the time to restart your goals and transform into the best version of yourself for the months ahead. Below are some health…
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spring cleaning windows

5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring is upon us! With the long, cold winter over and the world incrementally opening back up – it’s officially time for a reset. The perfect way to refresh your space is with a deep spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can be a mundane chore that we all hate doing, but going through the process can…
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Helpful Hints For Your Winter Medical Appointments

Getting to your medical appointments during the winter can be a hassle, but cold weather can also lead to health complications. Exposure to cold weather can cause severe illness. It is essential to remember that temperatures don’t have to be freezing to be dangerous. Wind, humidity, and moisture can remove body heat, which can ultimately…
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new year resolutions

Five Healthy Resolutions for Older Adults in the New Year

It’s the season of resolutions. Let’s hope in late January you’re still holding on to yours! But let’s be realistic, resolutions are not one-size-fits-all. What you may have been resolute to do at the age of 25 does not really fit with your life at 45 or 65. It seems that as we age, we…
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