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4 Ways to Show Appreciation For a Caregiver

Have you ever thought about how much your caregiver really does? They help with medical needs, basic needs, housekeeping, food preparation, simple movement, transportation, and so much more. Most importantly, they provide companionship. Caregiving can be very rewarding but, at times, a very difficult job.  In honor of National Caregivers Day on February 21st, we…
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5 Reasons To Invest In Medical Transportation This Year

It’s 2020, and many people are still missing out on the innovations that simplify their lives. If you or your loved ones are struggling with transportation to medical-related destinations, it’s time to invest in non-emergency medical transportation. A relationship with a NEMT provider, like Metro Transportation, can be an extremely valuable addition to your life.…
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man being pushed in wheelchair by metro transportation staff

3 Ways We Provide High-Level Care For Each Customer

Are you seeking safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation? Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, it’s important that you find a service provider that you trust. Being the preferred choice for quality non-emergency medical transportation in Rochester, New York, Metro Transportation has set the standard for over 35 years with an approach…
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physically impaired person being assisted by woman

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Searching for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) will be a service that a majority of people will utilize in their lifetime, and yet it isn’t a topic that may jump to mind until you are in great need of it.  Here are some questions that you should consider when seeking NEMT, and hopefully they will help you obtain…
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5 Ways Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Can Improve Your Life

At some point, the need for non-emergency medical transportation enters almost all of our lives.  Let’s look at five benefits NEMT can have for you or a loved one.   Reduce Your Stress – It’s a simple fact that even in the best of times, transportation can be a stressor.  Costs associated with vehicle maintenance, and…
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How the Return of Autumn Impacts Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

It seems like no season flies by as quickly as the summertime, and that’s the case once again this year.  Here are a few reminders of how the slide into the autumn may impact your non-emergency medical transportation needs. Schools are back in session. This, of course, means more traffic on the roads with school buses,…
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Metro Trans: The Leader for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

For many years, those who work in hospitals, satellite healthcare offices, and assisted living facilities around the nation have understood firsthand the vital need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT).  The role of this kind of transportation is becoming increasingly clear all the time. Estimates place the number of missed or delayed medical appointments at more…
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'Make an Appointment' calendar

What is The Best Time to Schedule Your Medical Appointments?

Medical appointments range from the endless wait variety to the walk right into the examination room type.   Unfortunately, it’s the former that are much more common than the latter. It shouldn’t have to be that way – and although there are no foolproof methods to always avoid the interminable wait, there are some ideas that…
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woman having breathing troubles holding inhaler

Health Problems that Worsen in Warm Weather

While most of us are quite happy that a long winter is on its way out (and taking its sweet time about it!), there are also some health issues that tend to worsen as the temperatures rise.  Awareness of these conditions and a few preventive measures may help to lessen their severity and allow you…
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