Health Problems that Worsen in Warm Weather

woman having breathing troubles holding inhaler

While most of us are quite happy that a long winter is on its way out (and taking its sweet time about it!), there are also some health issues that tend to worsen as the temperatures rise.  Awareness of these conditions and a few preventive measures may help to lessen their severity and allow you to enjoy your summer more fully.

Autoimmune Diseases

From Multiple Sclerosis to Lupus, Chronic Fatigue to Fibromyalgia, the summer heat can definitely acerbate autoimmune conditions.  Some of the same advice that helps block direct sun rays apply here: cover with light clothing, hats, sunscreen, glossy scarves, etc. to avoid rashes, joint pain flare ups, and increased fatigue.  

Leg Cramps

Especially at night, leg cramps are much more prevalent in summer months.  Staying hydrated is the best defense, and – if possible – an adjustment in medication levels can lessen the effects.


It probably is no surprise that breathing issues often take a turn for the worse in summertime.  Rising pollution levels in the summer, often due to more construction, traffic, and outdoor activity, mixed with high heat causes the air quality to plummet this time of year.


People that suffer with migraines know that they can strike at any time of the year and any time of the day, but there is definitely research correlating hot weather with a steady increase in these debilitating headaches.  There’s no great defense other than the need to stay well hydrated.  That may not totally protect you, but dehydration will surely leave you more vulnerable.

Skin Ailments

Rosacea, Eczema, and general rashes are often triggered by warmer weather. Aloe and lotions enriched with probitoics may help, but word of caution: sometimes lotions and sunscreens can make eczema worse for sensitive skin – as can chlorine exposure.  So, each individual has to monitor what their susceptibilities may be.

Kidney Stones

People don’t equate the connection between painful kidney stones and the warm weather, but once again dehydration is a major contributor to the ailment.  High salt intake and too much sugar at the summer parties may also be part of the problem.

Knowledge is power and being in tune with your body’s subtle warning symptoms always helps during any time of year.  We hope you have a great summer!  If your usual ride schedule or support system leaves your transportation needs out of kilter, be sure to contact Metro Trans and we’ll take care of the driving!