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5 Ways Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Can Improve Your Life

car driving through fall leaves

At some point, the need for non-emergency medical transportation enters almost all of our lives.  Let’s look at five benefits NEMT can have for you or a loved one.   Reduce Your Stress – It’s a simple fact that even in the best of times, transportation can be a stressor.  Costs associated with vehicle maintenance, and…

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Colds & Flu: Read ‘Em Right, Treat ‘Em Right

woman coughing with tissue in hand

Okay, we understand that when the flu comes and crushes you to the point that you are half delirious and fully immobilized, you know its not a common cold.  But the lead up can be deceptive.  If you can make a correct read early, it can help you make some hard decisions (“I definitely should…

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