4 Questions You Should Ask Before Searching for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

physically impaired person being assisted by woman

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) will be a service that a majority of people will utilize in their lifetime, and yet it isn’t a topic that may jump to mind until you are in great need of it.  Here are some questions that you should consider when seeking NEMT, and hopefully they will help you obtain the best service available.

  1. Experience – In real estate, it’s Location, Location, Location but in NEMT, it’s Experience, Experience, Experience.  Find out how long the provider has been in the business. In recent years, there’s been a rash of NEMT startups, and there have been more than a few unsatisfied customers.  Metro Trans is a national pioneer in the non-emergency transportation business, and one of the very first in New York State. With over 35 years of NEMT experience, Metro Trans has dealt with issues with which some companies have little to no first-hand experience.
  2. Vehicles  & Drivers Training – Find out what type of vehicle fleet the company owns and operates.  Are there vehicles for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients? How many vehicles are serviceable and ready to be deployed on a daily basis?  How old is the average age of the vehicles in the fleet? Are they in good repair with frequent upkeep, clean interiors, and comfortable amenities?  What about the drivers? Do they possess up-to-date training? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. A reputable NEMT company is happy to answer them.  In fact, call Metro Trans today and ask away!
  3. Certifications – Non-emergency medical transportation can be much more involved than simply giving a perfectly healthy person a lift to an appointment.  Don’t let ‘non-emergency’ be mistaken for ‘no medical issues.’ Metro Trans has certifications and trained drivers who have dealt with patients undergoing oncology treatments, others who have suffered brain injuries, or clients who may be non-ambulatory.  The difference between the experts in driving those with these medical conditions and the uninitiated is a very wide margin.
  4. Insurance Reimbursements – Dealing with the haze and maze of health insurance forms, regulations, and restrictions can be overwhelming in the best of times.  When you are recovering from a health concern, it’s the last thing for which you may have the time, energy, or patience. Nevertheless, it is very important.  Its many years in the industry give Metro Trans unsurpassed knowledge in this area, and we will be sure to get you the very best transportation coverage to which you are entitled.

There are many questions you can ask of NEMT providers.  We are confident that after you ask them, you will find that Metro Trans is your answer time and again!