Essential Oils for the Cold Months

essential oils

Essential oils have become very popular in some segments of our society, although there are still a good number of people who aren’t aware of their healing properties. They may even think that all of the essential oils are something exotic and things that they have never heard of. But here are a few that we’re sure most of you are aware of, and they are especially beneficial as the cool weather approaches.


There is much supporting research that shows Lavender is a great oil to be used in the winter months. It seems to produce a calming effect and level off the hard edges of anxiety and depression that can be especially difficult in the winter due to the lack of sunshine in many parts of the country. It also helps lessen joint aches and pains which tend to flare up in the cold weather. Lavender also promotes a good night’s sleep, and rest is the guardian of good health, especially during the season of colds and flu.


Chamomile oil is a second essential oil that will help you get through the cold months. Its properties (well known from Chamomile tea) produce a calming effect and may also help battle the seasonal depression associated with winter. It has been shown to increase circulation to the hands and feet — which is an issue for many people and made that much worse in the cold weather. Beyond circulation, Chamomile can also help digestion and metabolism that the low temperatures and heavier winter meals tend to slow down. As an anti-inflammatory, Chamomile can contribute to reducing pain, swelling, and redness while promoting overall healthy skin (that we know can take a beating with the wind and freezing temperatures). Finally, Chamomile can help with congestion and common cold symptoms — nagging problems in the cold months.


Oregano is known for its use to spice up great sauces and many other dishes, but in essential oil form, it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is especially beneficial in the cold months as it strengthens the immune system, helps stave off infections, and carries a strong antioxidant component. The antibacterial aspect of the Oregano essential oil also makes it ideal as a cleansing agent for surfaces when added to water. The essential oil form of Oregano can also be used in its traditional sense — by adding it to sauces, pizzas, or on roasts.  Add a drop to water and you can gargle with the Oregano essential oil to battle throat ailments that are so common in the cold months.


And one more essential oil that people will widely recognize is Peppermint. While it, like the other oils mentioned here, have year-round usages, Peppermint is a great ally to have in your winter defense system. It has a wide array of uses: it can offer relief from headaches & migraines; sour stomach problems; and fever reduction. While Peppermint is known for its great flavor (to most paletes), it actually serves to suppress appetites — which can be a good thing in the season of baked goods and hearty meals and endless holiday festivities. Adding a drop of a Peppermint essential oil along with a few drops of lemon to water can also maintain good oral health and freshen breath. Ultimately, a Peppermint essential oil will provide an uptick in energy — something we all can use during the long bleak days of winter. 

If you haven’t tried essential oils or consider them a mystery with names you’ve never heard of, think again. Lavender, Chamomile, Oregano, and Peppermint are well known in various other forms. As the cold months approach quickly, perhaps this is the season for you to try them in their essential oil form. 

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