Ideas for a Smaller Thanksgiving Meal

thanksgiving meal

This holiday season seems to be demanding a scaled-down version of usual gatherings for our collective safety and health. But it’s not always easy to shift gears and pare down from a familiar pattern. Here are some suggestions to consider for a Thanksgiving meal for a smaller gathering than you may traditionally celebrate.

Instead of a full turkey to roast (even a small one may be more than you need and still takes considerable preparation), you may want to just do a turkey breast as an alternative. They’re not as inexpensive as the full turkeys on sale this time of year, but they aren’t outrageously priced by any means. They come oven-ready, or with cook-in-the-bag options along with a variety of seasonings. Creating your own favorite seasonings may be a way to indulge your passion for being in the kitchen, too. Other possibilities people are exploring include everything from chicken, beef, and ham to a popular vegetarian option known as ‘Country Meatloaf’ using tempeh and vegetables. 

Prepare two side dishes rather than three, four, or five. Of course three of the favorites for Thanksgiving are cranberry sauce, green beans or green bean casserole, and stuffing. Most people can do without one of them. If you want to go a little nontraditional, scalloped potatoes or sweet potatoes are ideas. If you want to forego the green beans but bring in another green option, kale or brussel sprouts are popular choices — or combine them both in a salad.

As hard as it is to say it, dessert can be smaller than the full pies we know and love. Maple Pecan Tarts, mini-fruit parfaits, single-sized chocolate truffles, and Baklava cookies are a few ideas. Just remember, don’t make three dozen of them or you could find yourselves in a tough battle of willpower!

Bon appetit! While this Thanksgiving will be a more limited affair than past years, it is for the future health of our nation. 

Metro Trans has proudly served our clients during the challenging past year, and we will continue to do so. For each of our clients, their family members, and our dedicated staff, we give our true thanks.