Spring Driving Safety

Cherry blossoms above busy road

Spring is upon us, so naturally, it means better driving conditions, right?  Yes and no. While the very serious hazards of icy roads, whiteouts, and frozen auto parts will lessen now that the winter is on its way out, the spring brings a new set of challenges.  We’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t fully enjoy the better weather that we so fully earn here in Western New York, just don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.

Spring Fever is contagious and a lot more of us are out on the roads, doing our thing.  This increase of vehicles on the roads demands extra caution. Motorcycles, bicycles, recreational vehicles, boats being towed, and a host of other vehicles appear on the roads in spring.  

In addition to the bump up in motor traffic in spring, there is a lot more human (and pet) traffic, too.  Walkers, runners, people taking their animals out, and children who are often excited by the warm weather after being cooped up for the winter are all around.  Keep a close eye out for the little ones because they often are not paying attention to traffic as well as they should be.

Add to the extra traffic the condition of the roads themselves – the harsh winter often creates large potholes.  When the spring thaw and rains combine to fill them with water, they’re hard to see. Anyone who has hit one of these road craters while going at a good clip understands the damage they can do – not to mention the momentary loss of control of your vehicle in the most extreme cases.  Road crews and construction projects are also another spring rite of the road, causing slow-downs, detours, and delays, so be sure to calculate them in your driving plans.

Finally, although the snow and ice may be receding (and we hope quickly), don’t underestimate the weather Mother Nature can whip up in the spring.  A small shower can turn into a torrential downpour quickly. Gusting winds can also take down tree limbs weakened and worn out by winter and stir up all kinds of debris.

So, the takeaway from all this?  Get out and breathe in the beautiful spring air, but don’t let it relax you so much that your guard is down!  And remember, if you need non-emergency medical transport, your experts at Metro Trans are ready and waiting to serve!  Contact us today!